A Farewell to Arms 1957 Movie Review

Two weeks back, I reviewed the 1932 movie adaptation of A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway. Even though it wasn’t exactly faithful to the source material, it was a fascinating translation that no one else could’ve done. But, what if I were to tell you that there was a more “accurate” version of theContinue reading “A Farewell to Arms 1957 Movie Review”

A Farewell to Arms 1932 Movie Review

When I’ve discussed adaptations in the past, the subjects tended to be on the more faithful side for good or for worse. This week’s topic – the 1932 movie version of A Farewell to Arms – is a little different. It’s based on the novel of the same name by Ernest Hemingway in the mostContinue reading “A Farewell to Arms 1932 Movie Review”

Goodbye to Goodbye, Mr. Chips Adaptations

Welcome to the fourth and final part of my series of analyzing various adaptations of Goodbye, Mr. Chips and how they hold up to the 1939 movie version. It was an interesting journey to take, but I’m glad that I did it because it made me appreciate the art of adapting a book to theContinue reading “Goodbye to Goodbye, Mr. Chips Adaptations”

Goodbye, Mr. Chips 2002 Movie Review

Welcome to Part 3 of looking at various adaptations of Goodbye Mr. Chips and seeing how they hold up to the so-called definitive 1939 version. Today, I’ll be analyzing the 2002 television movie made by Masterpiece Theatre starring Martin Clunes (of Shakespeare in Love and Doc Martin fame) as the titular character. Sponsored by ExxonContinue reading “Goodbye, Mr. Chips 2002 Movie Review”

Daisy Jones & The Six Series Review

Throughout this month, Amazon Prime has been promoting the miniseries adaptation of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s beloved novel Daisy Jones & The Six. Advertisements for the show and its music have shown up on social media, and Amazon has even started marketing the outfits that various characters wear. Depending how one feels about the novel and,Continue reading “Daisy Jones & The Six Series Review”

Goodbye, Mr. Chips 1984 Series Review

Welcome to Part 2 of looking at various adaptations of Goodbye Mr. Chips and seeing how they hold up to the so-called definitive 1939 version. Today, I’ll be analyzing the 1984 television miniseries made by the BBC starring Roy Marsden (best known for playing Adam Dalgliesh in the Anglia Television adaptations of the P.D. James’sContinue reading “Goodbye, Mr. Chips 1984 Series Review”

Goodbye, Mr. Chips 1969 Movie Review

After watching the 1939 version of and reading Goodbye, Mr. Chips, I discovered that there were three other versions made of this story for the screen. These are the 1969 movie musical, the 1984 television mini-series, and the 2002 Masterpiece Theater television film (there’s also a 2021 filmed opera, but that’s not accessible at theContinue reading “Goodbye, Mr. Chips 1969 Movie Review”

A Man Called Otto Movie Review

Let’s talk about remakes. In this day in age in Hollywood, they are all the rage. They can fall into three categories: a passion project, a soulless cash grab, or a mix of the two in order to be as middle of the road as possible to reach a wider audience. They can also striveContinue reading “A Man Called Otto Movie Review”

A Man Called Ove Movie Review

When accepting the Best Foreign-Language Film award for Parasite at the 2020 Golden Globes, Director Bong Joon-ho said, “Once you overcome the 1-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.” The reason why I bring up this quote is that there are many great films that just happen toContinue reading “A Man Called Ove Movie Review”

Goodbye, Mr. Chips 1939 Movie Review

Last year, I reviewed For Whom the Bell Tolls the movie – a film adaptation that was so faithful to the novel of the same name that it was dull and barely cinematic. It made me realize that there are ways to keep to the spirit of the book while adapting it to the bigContinue reading “Goodbye, Mr. Chips 1939 Movie Review”