The War Legacy Story Review

Disclosure: I got a free eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. February 24 will mark one year since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Because of that, war has been on my mind, specifically how it can affect soldiers’ families. I recently read the short story The War Legacy by Nandita Pant Joshi,Continue reading “The War Legacy Story Review”

Once Upon A Winter: A Folk and Fairy Tale Anthology Book Review

Full disclosure: One of the authors of this book gave me an electronic copy in exchange for an honest review. There are certain aspects that influence what kind of books readers take a look at. Some are personal, while others are coincidental, but they could be seasonal too. Much like certain songs, some books areContinue reading “Once Upon A Winter: A Folk and Fairy Tale Anthology Book Review”

What Am I Reading – Chapter Twenty-Four

Hi Everybody, I hope the Christmas shopping is going well so far, and for my Jewish readers, I hope you all had a great Hanukkah! I finished The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern recently, and started reading two more titles that I’d like to show you all! So let’s begin! Once Upon a Winter: AContinue reading “What Am I Reading – Chapter Twenty-Four”