What Am I Reading – Chapter Twenty-Seven

Hi Everybody,

I hope everyone’s having a great Valentine’s Day! I sure am!

I have a new book to show you all. Sadly, it’s not a romantic book, but it’s very interesting.

Win by Harlan Coben is the first book in the Windsor Horne Lockwood III series. Over 20 years ago, Patricia Lockwood was kidnapped during a robbery of her family’s estate. For many months, she was locked up in an isolated cabin. She managed to escape, but so did her captors, and the stolen items were never recovered. In the present day on the Upper West Side, a recluse is found dead in his penthouse apartment, alongside two objects of note: a stolen Vermeer painting and a leather suitcase bearing the initials WHLIII. Now, the police have a lead on not one, but two cases – Patricia’s kidnapping and a FBI cold case. Windsor Horne Lockwood III or Win doesn’t know how those items ended up there. However, his interest increases when the FBI tells him that the man who kidnapped his cousin was also behind an act of domestic terrorism – and that the conspirators may still be at large. The two cases have baffled the FBI for decades, but Win has three things the FBI doesn’t: a personal connection to the case; an ungodly fortune; and his own unique brand of justice.

So far, the mystery/suspense aspects of this novel feel typical, but what makes it stand out is Win himself. Win tells readers right away that he’s very rich, and he’s not afraid to flaunt it. Some might like him because of his quick wit and how he executes his version of justice. Others might not like him as much because of how arrogant he can be and how he insults almost everyone that comes in contact with him (even if they deserve it). For me, Win is like what would’ve happened if Groucho Marx got reincarnated into Aaron Eckhart’s body, was extremely rich, and became aware of the pop culture happenings of the last 50 years. So yes, I’m enjoying this from that point of view.

I’m listening to the audiobook right now, and it’s narrated by Steven Weber. Weber is best known for roles like Brian Hackett on Wings and Jack Torrance in the TV miniseries version of The Shining. He’s also recorded various audiobooks for authors like Stephen King and Harlan Coben. I’m not surprised that Coben likes having Weber narrate his books. Weber gives Win an effortless suave, confident manly voice. He’s also really good at distinguishing other characters even if they can come off as over the top. Sadie – Win’s assistant – is voiced with a no-nonsense feminist tone, but it’s doesn’t come off like a caricature. On the other hand, a drunk at a local bar is voiced like WC Fields’s less dignified drunk brother. That one sounded like as if Weber was recalling drunk people that he’d seen on TV as opposed to real life. Despite that, it’s still a good vocal performance that I look forward to hearing more of.

We have now come to the end of the twenty-seventh chapter of “What Am I Reading?”

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